Streaming Rules

                                                                           Streaming Rules



10-SR-1. The channel is set to mature so bad language is allowed, just don't go nuts with it.

10-SR-2. There will be viewers on the channel, you can engage with them via the chat and they can hear what you and anyone in coms with you says, but do not respond to anything negative.  Just kick them from the chat if needed.

10-SR-3.  If you do have the twitch page up make sure to mute its sound, if you don't you will get feedback.  I recommend looking at it via the twitch phone ap if you can while playing.

10-SR-4.  Make sure to title your stream, all streams will be saved on the site for 14 days up to the last 14 streams made.

10-SR-5.  You can also stream from a PS4 to the channel if you want, and any game you wish to stream is fine. It does not need to be an official Peg Com game for you to stream it.

10-SR-6.  No nudity period or anything that violates the TOS for Twitch.

10-SR-7.  No one not a member of Peg Com can use this twitch page however, if you are playing any game and have others with you that is fine as long as you are being shown also.

10-SR-8.  Make sure others know you are streaming, never do it if anyone objects.

10-SR-9.  All Peg Com members rules apply when you use our Twitch channel no matter the game you are playing.

10-SR-10. Do not change any settings on the page, or how it looks.  If you have an idea let us know.

10-SR-11. There is no need to show your face or requirement you do, nor do you have to stream with voice if you wish not to.

10-SR-12. All official games are to have at least one Guild Op streamed on the Peg Com Twitch Channel each week. How this is accomplished is to be determined by the Supreme Commander.


                                                     Rules that apply to Private Member Pages


10-SR-13. Guild member private Twitch or other streaming channel pages:

 a.  Any member may have a private streaming page and stream any game they wish.

1. However, if you intend to stream an Official Game such members must have the following on their page:  

i. The Pegasus Command Logo must be present on the page and displayed in a reasonable way, so as not to take away from the members page, but not to obscure the logo either. We host a linkable logo on the Office of the President's site page.

ii.  Somewhere on the page the member must state they are a member of Pegasus Command.

iii.  A link to the Pegasus Command guild site must be present on the page.

iv.  If you can host a stream page, the main Pegasus Command Stream page must be one of your hosted channels.

v.   Only stream links to streams of videos found (live or vod) on the guild stream page my be posted on the site or discord in any game channel areas.

10-SR-14.  Pegasus Command will follow any member's stream page and/or twitter when requested.

10-SR-15.  Pegasus Command will retweet if requested by a member stream links.

10-SR-16.  Members can share their stream page links with other members via the Guild Member stream link channel on discord.


Rules that Apply when Streaming using Discord Function


10-SR-17.  All guild members will be allowed to stream via use of the discord stream function.

10-SR-18.  Use of this function must be in the appropriate room, so if streaming a guild game or other game for which there is a room for, you must be in one the rooms for that game.

10-SR-19.  The Peg Com General voice room can be used for any game or other allowed content for which there is no set room for.  

10-SR-20.  Streaming in rooms where there is an ongoing op can only take place if allowed by the OP commander. 

10-SR-21.  Members may invite anyone to their stream in discord they wish when using this discord ablity.  They may also post in the appropriate game room using a game tag to announce they are doing so. If it is a game or content for which there is no specific room, it may be posted in General chat.

10-SR-21.  This function can not be used to promote member streams on streaming pages or that of others. 



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