Retirement Rules

12-RR-01. Any Citizen may after 2 years of membership request retirement status barring any special circumstances. Requests for retirement status are made via any civilian or military officer. The request is pushed to the Office of the President for implementation. In the event that the request was made on behalf of a member the Quorum needs to approve the retirement request by majority vote.

12-RR-02. Retirement Status, If granted such status is bound by following:
1. The retired member may use PegCom public works.
2. The retired member may not be a member of any active Pegasus Command Guilds.
3. If the retired member was a citizen all rights, obligations and perks are lost.
4. The retired member is bound by all rules and regulations of Pegasus Command.
5. The retired member may not be removed from Guild membership unless: All contact was lost between retiree and Pegasus Command, a rule violation occurred or the retired member resigned their membership.

12-RR-03. Change of Status: At any point a retired member may change their status by joining an active Pegasus Command Guild. If the retired member was a citizen their citizenship is automatically reinstated. Office of the President defines the activity requirement for the maintence of the retirement status.

12-RR-04. Retirement List: A list of retired members is to be posted and maintained by the Office of the President on the guild site.

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