Communication Rules

                                                                            Communictions Rules



              8-COMR-1.  The Discord Server or other communication abilities are to aid in game ops, guild meetings, and allow social interaction between members.

              8-COMR-2.  Do not use racial, sexual orientation, political, intentionally offensive, demeaning, or sexist language at all. This includes names used for toons, guild site names, and call signs in our communications servers.

              A. Addtionally, if a name is complained of it will be reviewed by the Office of the President.  If found to be in violation of these rules the name will be changed.  Should they refuse such member may appeal to the Peg Com Court for review. If the complaing parties complaint is reject by the Office of the President they may seek appeal to the Peg Com Court.  

              B.  Members if they wish a discord name change must ask a member of Command or the Office of the President.  Any name not in violation of these rules will be allowed. 

              8-COMR-3.  Do not be disruptive to ongoing operations, follow an op commander’s lead as to what is allowed during game ops or other events.

              8-COMR-4.  Should you want to talk to a member about something you feel may be offensive, ask other members in the room if they have any issue with non-game chat.  If so, just move to another room.  We are all adults, and this is not an attempt to control topics, but to help respect the diversity we have in the guild.

              8-COMR-5.  We are all friends and need to respect others as well as we would want to be.  If you want to talk about politics or something not involving an op it may be best to simply drop to a room where that will not interfere with an op or someone’s enjoyment of the game.

              8-COMR-6.  Additional guidance on politics/economics, this can be a very divisive and difficult area of conversation. It should only be had with known willing participants. As a guild we are nonpolitical in affiliation, but as members we each have our unique points of view. In order to further the goals of our guild, it is important that a distinction be made between political/econ discussion and political/econ preaching.

I.  Political/Economic discussion is allowed with willing and known participants at any appropriate time.  Political/Econ preaching is never allowed. Discussion is the exchange of ideas on a subject, while preaching is commentary on items and events of a political/econ nature meant to convey the speaker’s feelings, thoughts or reactions to something, not to discuss it primary.

               8-COMR-7.   Complaint procedures; If you feel a violation of these rules has occurred, it must be reported within 3 days of the conduct. Below is how to report a violation:

A.  If it occurred in a game chat channel, game email, or in game chat it must be reported to the Game Commander for that game, first.  

B.  If the complaint involves a Game Commander or occured in a location other than that listed above in (A) the complaint should be made to the Supreme Commander.  

C.  If it involves the Supreme Commander, the complaint should be made to the chair of the Quroum.  

D.  If it occurred in any area outside official game guild areas, complaint should be made to the President.

F.   If the complaint is made by a member, if they feel the action(s) taken by the officer is not adaquate.  The member may move to the next highest officer for review of said action(s).  So most member complaints will follow this chain, Game Commander, Supreme Commander, President, Chief Judge of the Peg Com Court. A Member may not skip the proper complaint chain and will be sent back down chain should they do so.                             

              8-COMR-8.   Action on a complaint; Once a complaint is received it will be the officer receiving such a complaints responsibility to, if practicable in their opinion, bring the parties together to resolve the issue between the members.  For violations not involving action between members, the officer will give warning to the offending party that their conduct is a violation of the rules. Should a rule violation continue after warning, the officer may issue any sanction(s) within their powers as deemed just. Should the above actions not be enough to end the violation or resolve the issues it shall be sent up the complaint chain as listed above.  If the complaint is made by a member, the officer shall provide a brief explanation on action taken to such member within a reasonable time from the date of complaint.

              8-COMR-9.    Special powers of Game Commanders in their game channel. Any officer in their channel may mute or move a member for rules violations which occur in their presence, after warning to the offending member. The Supreme Commander and President may do so in any channel. Members may appeal such an action as allowed by our rules.

              8-COMR-10.  Any member that maintains their own TS/Discord or other communications server, must understand and abide by the following:

             A.  We as a guild have no desire to prevent or ask you not to have such a server.

             B.  However, that server cannot be used for an Official Peg Com Game Event/Op nor become disruptive to guild use of communication abilities.

             C.  As always, our guild servers are open to nonmembers so long as invited by a member.  So, if you wish to play with a non-member on the guild server that is allowed always. Please announce the member so admins and other members know they are with us as a guest.

            8-COMR-11.  These rules apply to all guild communications be they voice, text, or image.  This includes in game chats, emails, and other communications.

            8-COMR-12.  If the violation deals with a text/post that can be deleted the text/post may be deleted, if in violation of these rules, at anytime by an authorized officer.  However, if it is deleted the deleting officer must preserve the text in a manner that can be easily shared and seen by others, as such removal may be appealed. Such officer must also notify the Office of the Presdient of the removal. Such deleted items must be preseved for at least 5 days after there removal.     



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