Command Officer Code of Conduct

13-COC-01.  The Pegasus Command Quroum does hereby establish a Command Officer Code of Conduct.

13-COC-02.  These rules apply to the Supreme Commander and all officers in the military chain of command for Pegasus Command.

13-COC-03.  These rules do not limit the ability of the Supreme Commander to create addtional requirements, but sets a floor for officer conduct.

13-COC-04.  These rules shall be enforced primarly by the office of the Supreme Commander, with the ability to appeal any actions or decisions on such violations to the Pegasus Command Court by notice to the Chief Judge of the Court. When the Supreme Commander is implicated such complaint shall be made directly to the Pegasus Command Court by notice to the Chief Judge of the Court. 

13-COC-05.  All command officers of the guild are to conduct themselves in a fashion consistent with their positions. 

13-COC-06.  They should be an example for others to follow in their dealings with other guild members. 

13-COC-07.  Officers should be open to answer questions, and should make all reasonable effort to avoid conflict in the guild.

13-COC-08.  As an officer, it is also incumbent that the chain of command be respected.  This does not mean blind adherence, but it does require respectful deference. 

13-COC-09.  Officers shall refrain from any and all conduct that is either disruptive or detrimental to any operation or the guild. 

13-COC-10.  At all times an officer of the guild should strive for improvement in skill, enhancement of the guild and themselves, as well as show commitment to its founding principle “We are nothing without our members”.

13-COC-11.  No officer of the guild shall use any rule, regulation, or process of the guild for harassment, intimidation, or coercion of another member.  No officer shall use any rule, regulation, or process with an intent to abuse such rule, regulation, or process. 

13-COC-12.  Officer conduct in violation of these rules is subject to discipline, including loss of command, and up to removal from the guild.


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