Game Specific Rules


Game Specific Rules


Pegasus Command Private Server Guild:

1-GSR-01.  Due to the nature of private server (ps) games, a framework how the server can be used must be established

1-GSR-02.  In general the ps should be seen as a guild holding and all guild holding rules do apply to the server.

1-GSR-03.   It is recognized members will spend much time building in these games, and this work needs to be respected. While it must be balanced with the needs of the whole guild, it is a factor in all command choices. As such any decisions made by command that affect a member’s individual holdings on a server may be appealed to the Pegasus Command Judicial System. Such a case may be taken to the court when a member has exhausted all their command chain options for redress of the issue. Such cases under this rule are to be resolved within two days of filing with the Chief Judge of the Court. 

1-GSR-04.  It will be the responsibility of command to develop a system that clearly distinguishes member controled areas and others under the control of command.

1-GSR-05.  Due to the nature of ps games, this guild unlike others, is not bound to a specific game. However, the following does apply to moving from one game to another.  The first approved game being Conan Exiles.  In order for the guild to move to a new game all the following must be met:

a. A majority of members in the current game must wish to move to another game, as determined by command. Any member of the Private Server Guild may ask for a move at any time.

b. The new game is on a ps which can be rented with guild funds.

c. A vote of the membership must be taken on approval of the move to the proposed game.  For the move to be approved 3/4s of the members voting must vote in favor of the move.  This poll must be held in accordance with our election rules, and conducted by the office of the President. 

d. The move must be approved by the Supreme Commander.

e. The guild may only make two such moves in a year, without Quorum approval.


1-GSR-06.  Command is responsible for a set of fair and transparent regulations for items which affect member ability to play the game. Such as, but not limited to:

A. Server wipes; shall only be conduted after notice to members. The GC may condut a server wipe only after 5 days notice to members.

B. Server mods allowed; the guild GC will provide not less than 3 calandar days to the members before mods are added.

C. Introduction of PvP to a server;

1-GSR-07.  While this guild has significant special rules they do not override any other guild rules and are intended to addrees only the special circumstances listed in this set of rules. 

1-GSR-08.  Star Conflict special membership removal rules:

A. Due to the small population and contentious game environment in this game, our previous history with it, and the desire to not restrict recruiting the following special powers are put in place:

1. Any member that shows conduct and/or behavior that is not consistent with Peg Com Rules and Traditions, by showing an unwillingness to be part of a community, being available to help others, respecting of others in the guild, failure to follow the chain of command after notice, and/or other conduct that hinders community building within this community will be subject to immediate removal from the Star Conflict Guild.

2. Such items can be shown via, in game chat, guild communication chat, voice, observed conduct in the game and/or that takes place with other guild members.

3. To remove a member under 1-GSR-8 the Star Conflict Game Commander, Supreme Commander, and President must agree on removal.

4. Should they be a member and only in the Star Conflict Guild, upon such removal they will be removed from Pegasus Command.

5. Should the member also be a Pegasus Command Citizen, they will be removed from the Star Conflict Guild only.

6. A removal under 1-GSR-8(A)(5), can result in additional penalties up to removal from Pegasus Command with process.

7. There is no appeal from a removal under this rule should the member be removed from Pegasus Command.  If they do continue with Pegasus Command and are a member after 90 days from removal or a denial of reinstatement, they may ask for the Supreme Commander to review reinstatement, which may be granted by that officer alone, denial has no appeal. Should the member be a citizen, they may appeal their removal to the Pegasus Command Court for review.

8. The intent of this rule is to have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

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