Pegasus Command Quorum Rules

  Powers and Duties of the Pegasus Command Quorum


4-QR-1.  We are for and by our citizenship as such, a governing body of citizens are to be elected from all citizens voting who will in turn elect a supreme commanding officer.

4-QR-2.  The Quorum members will be called Consul. The chair of the Quorum will be elected from its members by majority vote. The Quorum chair shall call meetings to order and set an agenda, which may be added to by any Quorum member at any time, even during a meeting. The president shall preside over the seating of a new Quroum, the election of a new Supreme Commander and election of the chair of the Quorum.

4-QR-3.  The Quorum (the Q) will meet no less than once per month. Each meeting will be held the 3rd Saturday of Each month at 1:00 UTC, unless moved by vote of the Quorum. Members of the Quorum must attend each meeting, however, they may grant proxy to another member, unless the vote is for the election of a Supreme Commander in which case no proxy vote is allowed but a member may vote early by message to the President, post in the Quorum thread, or provide notice of nonattendance to any Quorum member and be excused.

4-QR-4.  Failure of a Quorum member to provide notice of nonattendance at a meeting, will subject them to possible removal from their seat at the next meeting. A Quorum member may then be removed by a majority of those voting at the next meeting. Such a removed member may not run for election for any office in Peg Com in the next election cycle.  A special election will not be held in the case of the removal of a Quorum member under this rule, so long as the number of members required to transact business can be met.

4-QR-5.  Terms are for 6 months, unless a no confidence vote is called on any elected member by any Pegasus Command Guild Member or Citizen. Such a request by a member or citizen mut be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Quorum.  It must identify the Quorum member to be removed, the reasons for such removal, and any evidence in support of such removal. The Chair will then review the request for compliance with this rule.  If the request complies. the Chair shall then, inform all members of the Quorum of its receipt, and appoint 3 Quorum members to a committee to review the request.  After a reasonable time for the committee to investigate the request, they will take a vote on sending the matter to the full Quorum for a removal hearing, if a majority of the committee vote to send for a removal hearing it will be placed on the agenda with special notice to all members.  Should a majority fail to send the request to the full Quorum the matter will be considered resolved and no hearing for removal will be had. Any member or citizen may make multiple requests; however, abuse of this process will be deemed a violation of guild rules and subject such member or citizen to sanction as allowed under our rules and constitution.

4-QR-6.  Should a Quorum seat become vacated for any reason during a Quorum's term, unless the number of occupied Quorum seats drops below that required by the Constitution in order to conduct business, no election will be required until the next scheduled general election. 

4-QR-7.  To serve on the Quorum, you must be a citizen at the time of filing and have no family member serving on the Quorum or running for a seat at the time of election. In no event can any Quorum member be related to another.

4-QR-8.  Only a member of the Quorum can call for a no confidence vote of the Supreme Commander.

4-QR-9.  Any member may attend a Quorum meeting and will be allowed to speak once all official business is conducted.  All meetings of the Quorum are to be held on the voice server in the Quorum meeting room.  Notice of meetings will be provided to all members.

4-QR-10.  The Quorum upon majority vote of those voting may create offices and ranks needed for the fulfillment of the purpose of Peg Com.  However, such offices may only be of a nature that does not overlap with the Office of the Supreme Commander.  The holder of such an office shall hold it only upon appointment by majority vote of the Quorum and may be removed or replaced at any time in the same manner. 

4-QR-11.  The sole power to declare war rests with the Quorum and requires a majority vote of those voting to make such declaration or to end such war.  Such a declaration may be proposed by anyone with the right to propose items to the Quorum.   The Quorum has the power to define the limits of the conflict and manner of its prosecution.  However, this does not limit the power of the SC to issue KOS orders on players in a game.  This involves war with other organized groups in a game.

4-QR-12. In order to facilitate a fair and thorough deliberation of new rule proposals and rule amendments to the Quorum, the draft of each new rule proposal/amendment should be made available for review by the Quorum more than 48 hours before the monthly Quorum meeting.

a. This can be done on the Guild's website in the Quorum Members section in the effected month's Agenda thread, in the Quorum chat channel on our Discord, or directly to the Chairperson who shall make the rule proposal/amendment available to the other Quorum members in the above manner.

b. For new rule proposals/amendments which were submitted after the 48 hour window, the Quorum has the right to postpone those until the next monthly meeting.

4-QR-13.  Emergency Quorum meetings may only be called by the President, the Supreme Commander, and the Chair of the Quorum.  After notice to as many Quorum members as possible, after any such meeting all Quorum members will be informed of what occurred within 24 hours of the meeting. 

 Such a meeting may be called for any of these reasons:

     i.  To override a veto by Aer.

    ii.  To override any Presidential veto.

    iii. To review a Peg Com Citizen removal request by any constitutional office.

    iv. A reason of great importance, one which could not wait for a normal meeting. This catch all, if abused, can result in the Quorum issuing sanctions on the offending issuer of the meeting call, up to and including removal from membership. In the case of the President their power to call such a meeting may be suspended for 30 days.

     v. Quorum members may only officially be contacted for an emergency meeting via in game, voice server, or Web Site Message. These are the only official channels, others that are/may be used will not be considered contact, and failure to contact all members of the Quorum via one of the above ways, will make any such emergency meeting invalid.

     vi. The caller of the emergency meeting must inform the members then present how each Quorum member was contacted and if any response was received. When the notices were sent, in no event can an emergency meeting have less than a 1 hour notice.

4-QR-14. Review SC plan modifications, if any Quorum member wishes, a formal vote to approve or disapprove such modification can be required, if asked for within 14 days of notification of the modification.

4-QR-15. Approve or disapprove of SC Guild Plans by majority vote of those voting.  Such plans may not be ammended by the Q and must be accepted or rejected in full.

4-QR-16. When the Quorum is sitting to review a request for a Peg Com Citizen removal, at least half of the fully elected Quorum must be in attendance not counting proxy. It will only require a majority vote of the Quorum voting to send such a request to the Pegasus Command Court for action.  Such requests must be sent to the Chair by any constitutional officer and must meet the same standards as set forth for removal of Quorum members.

4-QR-17. During each term the Supreme Commander shall propose a budget for their term in sync with our rules, traditions, and the Leadership Plan of the SC for consideration by the Quorum. Only the Supreme Commander may submit a budget. No other office holder may request monies to be spent.

1. This budget will detail each expense to be made, what for, and in the amount to be spent. It will also allocate no less than 80% of monies available.

2. Funding for this budget shall be derived from Twitch proceeds and any member donations made for this purpose.

3. Once a budget is approved funds may not be spent another way without approval from the Quorum.

4. Funds for Twitch proceeds enter a Peg Com Pay Pal account under our member DannyWhite, who is given the title of Financial Officer. His only duty is to provide notice of balance to the Quorum. Funds from this account will be spent only by the Office of the President as approved by the Quorum.

4-QR-18.  A Quorum member shall recuse themselves on any vote in which they;

1. Are or were a witness to the event(s) under consideration;               

2. Are the subject of the votes purpose.

3. Recusal is requested by a party to the appeal, or other matters by a member of the Quroum;

4. Should a Quroum member refuse under this rule to recuse themselves, the other Quroum members, present at the meeting, will by vote of a majority recuse such member from the vote.  For purposes of any vote in which a Quroum member is recused they will not be counted as a Quroum member, nor will a proxy be allowed.


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