Supreme Commander Rules

 Powers and Duties of the Supreme Commander


6-SC-1. The Supreme Commander is the prime military authority in Pegasus Command and will be the Quorum’s Commander in Chief, they are to establish a chain of command and ensure members are aware of all guild officers under their command.

6-SC-2. The Supreme Commander (SC) may impose suspensions from activities under their command for up to 31 days due to Rule Violations and/or General Order violations. Such suspensions must be handled in private and must be for conduct that occurred within the SC’s jurisdiction.  The suspended member may appeal such suspension to the Quorum, which may be overturned by a majority of those voting. When the Quorum is hearing such an appeal it must give great weight to the SC’s imposition of such a suspension and only overturned or modified due to demonstrated unfairness and/or arbitrariness. The SC is charged with creation of a system outlining when suspensions are appropriate that is reasonable and fair to all members. This office is charged with working with the Office of the President to ensure all such suspensions are reciprocal.

6-SC-3. The Supreme Commander shall submit a guild wide game plan to the Quorum immediately after their election to the position for approval. They must also have Game Commanders, which have agreed to serve for each official game at this time as well. This plan must cover their full term and be in sync with the purpose of the Pegasus Command and our Mission Statement. It must be actionable, quantifiable, specific, and easily understood to be met or failed. Any latter modifications to the plan must be submitted to the Quorum for notification and go into effect with filing.  A modification can be rejected or modified with a majority vote if taken within 30 days of notification.  The Quorum may at any time request a new plan be drafted, reject, modify parts of the plan after approval by a 2/3rd vote of the Quorum.

6-SC-4. The Supreme Commander or their designee must be present at all Regular Quorum meetings to respond to any question of members of the Quorum that were submitted at least 7 days prior to the meeting in which the question is asked. They may refuse to answer any questions but upon a majority vote, after hearing reasons why the Supreme Commander will not respond, the Quorum may require answer.

6-SC-5.   The Supreme Commander shall be allowed when in attendance at the Quroum meeting in person to speak as if a member of the Quroum on any matter affecting their Office. This right may not be delegated to any other person and is unique the Office of Supreme Commander only.  In no event may the Supreme Commander vote on any matter before the Quroum, nor serve as Chair. 

6-SC-6.  The SC is responsible for guild recruiting efforts.  The SC will develop a plan to ensure we have an accurate count of how many new members we have, our current in game rosters, when members can become citizens, and recruitment goals. They are in charge of training and appointment of the guild recruiters and the guild on boarding process for new members.  The Supreme Commander may refuse any potential new member due to concerns they will disrupt our community or fail to follow our rules and traditions, even if all other minimum membership requirements have been met. Such refusal generally has no appeal, but the Quorum may review them as deemed proper by a majority vote.

6-SC-7. All plans under the Office of the Supreme Commander must be actionable, quantifiable, specific, and easily understood to be met or failed.

6-SC-8.  Game Planning Process: All game specific planning will follow the following path:

a. The Supreme Commander will send to the Game Commander their game specific plan, within 7 days of their election;

b. The Game Commander will review the plan for up to 7 days after reciept, then return their feedback to the Supreme Commander;

c. The Supreme Commander will within 3 days of feedback reciept send the finalized plan to the Game Commander.

d. The Game Commander will have 3 days after reciept of the final plan to file formal objections, faluire to do so waives any plan objections and the plan will be seen as accepted without objection. Such objections must be in writing and filed with the Quorum.

6-SC-9.  Leave, as allowed under our rules, may extend any actions required under 6-SC-8 for up to 14 days, but no longer. Leave can not be used as an excuse for action on plans, or to excuse failure to respond. 

6-SC-10. At the end of each 30 day period on final game specific plans, the Supreme Commander must, in writing, inform the Game Commander they are on plan or failing to meet the plan.  If failing to meet the plan the Supreme Commander must inform them specificly what they are failing to meet.

6-SC-11. Game Commanders that fail to meet their game specific plan, shall have 30 days from notice, to remedy the failure. When a Game Commander has failed to meet their plan goals the Supreme Commander may via the 6-SC-8 process, make changes to the plan to allow it to be met by the Game Commander.

6-SC-12. It is the responsibility of the Supreme Commander to provide, guidance, needed guild resources for game specific plans such as giveaways, and to provide an enviroment where Game Commanders can accomplish the goals. 

6-SC-13. It is the responsibility of the Game Commander, to accomplish the game specific plan, and they have primary responsibility to conduct any in game actions needed for its success. 

6-SC-14. In the event a Game Commander fails to meet their game specific plan after the 30 day remedy period, they shall be removed from Command of that Game by rule, effective immediately, without need of a General Order from the Supreme Commander. A Game Commander, so removed, my appeal to the Quorum so long as the removeal is by this rule and 6-SC-8(d) was complied with.

6-SC-15. All final game specific plans, and all notices required under these rules shall be filed with the Quorum. 

6-SC-16Written game plan reviews shall use the following criteria when evaluating individual line item performance to plan:

  1. Unacceptable

  2. Below Expectations

  3.  Meets Expectations

  4.  Exceeds Expectations

  5.  Far Exceeds Expectations

Overall performance to game plan for the month will be summaraized with the following follow up action catagories:

  • No Change at this time
  • Re-evaluate Game Plan
  • Game Command will receive coaching
  • Game Commander Removal

Failure of the Supreme Commander to file all game plan reviews prior to each official monthly meetings of the Quorum shall result in a Vote of No Confidence being placed before the Quorum, without need for motion by any member. 

6-SC-17.  All SC General Orders remain effective until revoked by the active Supreme Commander.

6-SC-18.  The Supreme Commander shall have the power to enter into alliances and agreements for Pegasus Command.

6-SC-19.  The Supreme Commander may delegate any power or duty to another citizen, who may hold such power or duty until the Supreme Commander revokes it.  All members appointed to positions by the Supreme Commander serve at that officer’s pleasure and may be release, re-tasked, or reduced in rank at any time. There is no appeal unless specificly allowed by rule.

6-SC-20. The Supreme Commander shall appoint a Game Commander for each official Pegasus Command game.   However, they may not remove any Game Commander without cause after service of 30 days in such position.

6-SC-21. Supreme Commander plan review process and rules for when acting as a Game Commander:

a. Only one official game at a time may be directly commanded by the Supreme Commander. An exception would only occur in the event that a Game Commander is removed or is no longer with the guild. In this case, the Supreme Commander will assume an interim Game Commander role while a replacement is sought out.

b. The Supreme Commander may only exercise this ability when they were the Game Commander for the game they wish to directly command in their immediate predecessors’ term.

c. When the Supreme Commander is also acting as a Game Commander, they have both the responsibilities of the Supreme Commander toward the guild, and to that game as its Game Commander.

d. Due to this dual role and our Game Commander (GC) review process, the Supreme Commander (SC) will be reviewed by the Quorum. It will be the responsibility of the SC to complete a Game Commander review for themselves as GC and follow the process as required by rule.

e. The Quorum will review the Supreme Commander each 30 days based on the Supreme Commander plan submitted by the Supreme Commander at the beginning of their term.  The review will take place regardless of whether or not the Supreme Commander is acting as a Game Commander.

f. The Quorum will determine if the Supreme Commander is on pace with the plan and if so, no further action will be needed. If the Quorum determines that the Supreme Commander is not on pace with the plan, the Supreme Commander will be requested to revise the plan and resubmit to the Quorum. This revision must be complete at least ten Calendar days from the date of the request and returned to the Quorum to review. The Quorum at this time will either accept the plan or require more revisions. In all, this process must be complete no less than ten Calendar days before the next regular Quorum meeting. At the next meeting after revision to the SC's revised plan is approved, they will review the plan as above.

g. If the Supreme Commander is also a Game Commander, the Quorum will also conduct a review using the criteria listed in our rules and as the current SC has established for GC reviews.

h. The Supreme Commander will have 5 days to respond with any questions or concerns regarding the Supreme Commander/Game Commander review sheet. Responses will be posted below the review forum on the website.

i. The Supreme Commander must fully cooperate with the Quorum and provide all requested information related to its performance of this duty.

6-SC-22. Ensure that all guild times for any and all events are listed in Univeral Coordinated Time along with US Eastern Time.

6-SC-23. Ensure all command officers have Discord with voice. 

6-SC-24. Reserved

6-SC-25The Supreme Commander may not make any game specific rule as allowed in 16-GC-05.  However, a Supreme Commander may by General Order stay any or all such rules, under such a stay the rules must come before the Quorum to review the stay. Such a stay necessitates an emergency Quorum meeting. Previously reviewed stays are not binding on a newly elected Quorum. 16-GC-05 does not inhibit the Supreme Commander’s authority to order a Game Commander to draft game rules.


The Supreme Commander is charged with the responsibility to lead the guild and the guilds under their command to a state of self-sustainability. While the Supreme Commander will do this through their Game Commanders, whose primary responsibility will be to build and foster their guild in a way that is compliant with these basic requirements and other goals of the Supreme Commander. It is deemed by the Quorum that the following minimum factors must be in place in any Pegasus Command Guild for it to be seen as meeting this standard:

Section 1:  Standards apply for all official games.

a. The guild has core Pegasus Command values ingrained in its structure and its members. We are here to help one another in games, have fun, use the game as a vehicle for social interaction, and be novel with in and out of game activities. Have a community atmosphere among its members and encourage horizontal interactions as well as respect for our institutions and chain of command.


b. The guild has developed an in-game chain of command, that is responsive to the needs of the members and Pegasus Command. The guild will have some type of chain of command that provides an in-game officer career path. The officers of the game guild will understand that their position is one of service to their game community and to Pegasus Command as a whole.


c. The game guild will by its structure have a member career path from the beginning of the game, through end game. Structures, events, and other activities will be structured to aid members in moving from phase to phase in a game. The game guild will have a leave no one behind attitude to gaming and will have events for all members no matter the type of player, or experience in a game.


d. The game guild, if designated an expansion guild by the Quorum, will have a positive growth rate of members each quarter. It will do so anytime the membership of the guild is deemed by the Supreme Commander to be below sustainability for its structures and leadership bench. Once a game guild obtains sustainability it will add members in a rate to ensure its continued sustainability into the future.


e. The game guild, if designated a replacement guild by the Quorum, will maintain a neutral growth rate of members each quarter.


Section 2: Standards for moving a game from exploratory status under the Office Supreme Commander to official game status:

I.    Exploratory games are a new expansion game guild started by the Office of the Supreme Commander as listed in 7-GCR-1 (1).

II.   Exploratory games do not start with official game status.  While members of such games are Pegasus Command members, they may not be granted citizenship, nor will their time in the guild as a member of an exploratory guild count toward citizenship unless it is subsequently granted official game status under this rule.

III.  It is the Quorum’s sole responsibility to determine when such a game guild will be granted official status. It shall do a review of the game guild at 30 and 60 days.

IV.   The first 30-day review shall be completed no later than 45 days after the first recruit is obtained for the new game guild.

V.    The second review shall be completed no later than 70 days after the first recruit is obtained for the new game guild.

VI.   Failure of the Quorum to conduct a review be it the first or the second, within the time periods specified, shall result in the game’s immediate shutdown. With all members being given a 7-day chance to join one of the existing official games or be removed from Pegasus Command.

VII.  This review process is separate and distinct from the other reviews conducted by the Quorum of the Supreme Commander.

VIII. For an exploratory game guild to continue on track under this rule it shall meet the following criteria:

1.    A minimum of 12 new members were recruited within the first 30 days.

2.    Lower-level cc’s have been conducted at least twice within the first 30 days.

3.    A low level op should be established and conducted at least 3 times within the first 60 days and must be recorded for review.

4.    This op must have followed the triple M method of op planning.  There must be adequate verbal engagement in the op, the op must have been conducted in the game and show how it would fit into game progression, it must be at least 45 mins in length, and it must be fun.

5.    Supreme Commander must provide adequate evidence that member engagement is being conducted and new members given adequate notice of events and ops in the game guild and the guild as a whole.

6.    Supreme Commander must show there is adequate time spent in the guild games discord room to establish a discord flow, this is 2-4 hours most days when members can expect someone to be present in the room.

IX.   Should the game guild fail any of the above requirements it shall be shut down immediately and all members will be given a 7-day window to join one of the existing official games or be removed from Pegasus Command.

X.    For an exploratory game guild to obtain official game status at its second review it shall meet the following requirements:

1.    A minimum of 22 new members were recruited.

2.    A minimum of at least 4 CCs.

3.    Low-level op conducted at least 3 times.

4.    Meet requirements of 4,5,6 above on at least 3 recorded Ops.

XI.   Should the guild game meet all the above requirements the Quorum shall make a     determination as to grant official game status to the exploratory game guild, should it not do so it shall be shut down immediately and all members given a 7-day window to join one of the existing official games or be removed from Pegasus Command.

XII.  The provisions of these rules are mandatory, and no time extensions may be given. 



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