Game Commander Rules

16-GC-01.  There is created the office of Game Commander (GC).

16-GC-02.  This office shall be under and appointed by the Supreme Commander (SC). If a current GC has served as GC in good standing, and they have served more than 3 months in their position, they have the option of continuing as GC for the next 6 month term. If the SC seeks to remove a GC in good standing (as evident by monthly GC review reports) then the GC may only be removed and replaced by a 2/3 approval of the Quorum as with constitutional officers. A GC in good standing is defined as at least 2 of the last 3 reviews are at a level of “acceptable” or greater

16-GC-03.  Game Commanders will have full command of the offical game guild assigned to, subject to SC General Orders.  Their term is 6 months, unless removed by the SC. They have all the same powers as the SC inside their respective game.  All GCs are required to command at least one guild in the game commanded and must be a member of every guild under their command. There are no term limits. However, the SC may choose to command no more than one offical game directly. When this is elected by the SC the following apply:

a.  The SC must have been the GC in good standing for the offical game they wish to take direct command of in their direct predecessors term.

b.  When the Supreme Commander is also acting as a Game Commander, they have both the responsibilities of the Supreme Commander toward the guild, and to that game as its Game Commander.

  16-GC-04.  Each official game of Pegasus Command shall have a game commander in charge of such game, unless under the direct command of the SC.  Unless the game has competition between the game factions or guilds, in such case each guild will have its own Game Commander, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. 

16-GC-05 Game Commanders may create game specific rules for the game they command. These rules may not conflict with any Peg Com Rules or Traditions, nor may they conflict with any standing Supreme Commander General Order. The scope of the rules may only deal with gameplay issues, guild attendance requirements, special subgroups, giveaways, and in game guild roster ranks and permissions.

16-GC-06.   It shall be a Game Commander's primary responsibility to ensure their game guilds reach and maintain sustainability as defined in 6-SC-26. As well as to provide accurate and honest feedback to the Supreme Commander about their game guild.

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