Official Game Creation and Holdings Rules

Official Game Creation and Holding Rules




Official Game Addition

1. Only the Supreme Commander may propose a new official game to the Quorum by following the Exploratory Game rules.  Unless the addition is for a replacement game this must be done in the guild wide plan when initially proposed for approval to the Quorum. A new expansion game may never be proposed without the consent of the Quorum at any other time.

2. When a game is added through this office, we are looking at its overall impact on the guild.  A Supreme Commander will add a game of two types.  One, an expansion game, this game will be a game meant to add to the current membership and offerings of the guild.  While the second is a replacement game, which will replace a lost Official Game.  These two types of adds have different constituencies and different processes as to what kind of game we are looking for.  

A. Rules for any game add: 

1. The game must have at least minimum guild functions, a roster and some type of in game chat must be present.

2. The game must be PC playable.

3. The game must be an online multiplayer game.     

4. All new expansion games and some replacement games will start under a Military Governorship, which means the Supreme Commander will directly oversee day to day activities and may delegate command duties as they see fit.

6. In looking at adding any game, the cost of the game should be taken into account.

It should be a primary concern of the Supreme Commander (SC) to move such a game into regular order as soon as the game is compliant with 6-SC-26 and a command team is in place. The plan for this should be well laid out in the game plan for building the new game guild.

B. Rules for Expansion Game Adds:

I.   An expansion game will add to the number of official games for our guild.  

II.  It will be used to grow the community and should not have a negative impact on any current official guild games membership.

C.   For game reviews the SC will at a minimum do the following:

I.    Read one or more game reviews by an independent game review outlet such as PC Gamer.

II.   Review the games Wikipedia article. Watch one or more gameplay videos for the game.

III.  If the game is to be proposed, play the game for a minimum of 30 mins while streaming on the Guild Twitch Channel. This is to be posted with its review, and on the guild discord.

IV.   Look for documented cheating issues with the game.

V.    Review the population health of the game, both current and historical.

VI.   Review the games official forums for new posts and guild advertisements.

VII.  Review number of hits the video gets on our twitch page.

VIII. Look at how many people are streaming the game.

VIV.  Understand the recruiting environment in the game, and the ease with which members can be recruited.

5. Rules for Replacement Games:

       1. A replacement game is to find a new home game for an existing game community in the guild.  This may be necessary due to the shut down of a game or inability to play it for other reasons.    It will replace that game and will not be expected to add new members at any large rate.

       2. The existing game community for which the game is intended to replace should be involved in proposing games to be reviewed. This is also non-binding but should take place on the website and be linked on discord.

       3. The review process for such a game should follow the same as for expansion games. 

6.  In house guild game: If a game is on a server, we fully control this game will be considered an in-house guild game add. Due to the special nature of such game specific rules need to be put in place for their addition.

     a.Any in-house game will have the Pegasus Command Private Server rules applied to it.

     b.When such a game is added it will not be for replacement or for expansion of the guild.

     c. Such a game will be expected to enhance the value of membership in Pegasus Command and have the ability to serve as a community in game hub for special events of all the membership.

     d. The game will be promoted as a membership perk and be a center of multigame experience for the guild. It will strive to be a melting pot.

     e. Such games do not need guild functionality inside them.

     f. Such games do not need to be able to recruit from outside the guild. However, if postings in game official areas are allowed to be placed as server ads, these should be maintained.

     g. When added the game should follow all other actions for the add, such as streaming and review.

7. Supreme Commander Military Governorship: Such a status may be granted upon request by the office of Supreme Commander only for either a new game add or for extraordinary circumstances. If the game is a new provisional official guild game, the rules for provisional games must be followed. When taking a current official game out of normal order the following additional rules must be complied with:

    a.The Quorum must determine that the game needs immediate attention to being into compliance with 6-SC-26.  The Supreme Commander has provided reasons that a Game Commander in control of such a game is not in that guild’s best interest. That it is in the best interests of the guild as a whole to allow the change of status.

    b. When such status is granted, the Supreme Commander will have direct and full control of the guild with all Game Commander rules, requirements, and duties suspended during that time.

    c. The Supreme Commander will not be considered as acting as a Game Commander.

    d. Such status may not exceed a grant of 6 months but may be renewed.

    e. All membership protection rules remain in effect.

    f. The Supreme Commander must have a plan for returning the game back to normal order, and must report on this plan’s progress at each monthly meeting of the Quorum.

    g. Such status may be revoked by the Quorum at any time with a majority vote.

7-GCR-02. Guild names:

Game unit names must have Pegasus Command in the guild title, (Pegasus Command_Game Name, Etc...).  No member shall name it after themselves or any other person real or fictional. So, Pegasus Command Aer would be wrong, while Pegasus Command Eve would be fine. Peg Com must always come first in the name. 

7-GCR-03. Naming of in game guild holdings:

Any guild holding that can be named must have Pegasus Command or a recognized abbreviation of such, like Peg Com, PC, the holdings name.

If the holding can be renamed at any time, even if there is a cost for such, the naming is under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Commander. This can be done, only after a vote of the members in the guild of that game, at the time the holding is named to suggest names for the holding. This vote is to ensure member participation in the process but will not be binding. 

If the holding cannot be renamed, the naming requires a vote of the Quorum.


7-GCR-04.  Any new Official Game Guild will have a game plan to reach sustainability as defined by 6-SC-26, within 6 months of Official Status.

 7-GCR-05.  Should a game not reach such status in the determination of the President, Supreme Commander, or Consul it will be brought to a Quorum vote to remove the game from the list of Official Guild games, or a plan will be submitted by the game commander outlining the path to reach compliance with 6-SC-26.

7-GCR-06.  Official Guild Games that do not meet sustainability, may upon motion of the President or Supreme Commander be moved under the direct command of such requesting official, who will then have up to 6 additional months to lead the guild to sustainability. After such time if the guild has not met sustainability requirements it will be removed as an Official Guild Game.

 7-GCR-07.  All new official guild games will be subject to the following:  Such guild games will be considered provisional official games during the first 6 months of operation. The game guild will be reviewed by the Quorum at 90 days and 6 months to determine continued official status. They may be commanded during provisional status as Military Governorships under the Supreme Commander. This status allows the Supreme Commander to retain direct command of such game for a period of up to 6 months, after which the game must be placed into regular order. If the game guild does not reach sustainability as with any other guild game within 6 months of official status, it may be delisted as official. During such provisional status all other Pegasus Command rules apply and such members of the guild will be Pegasus Command members. While time needed for citizenship may be accrued during provisional status such members my not apply to become Peg Com Citizens until the guild game is out of provisional status.

7-GCR-08.  Official guilds founded in games terminate by rule upon these conditions, member rights:

I.    The game is ended officially by the publisher.

II.   A Game Commander cannot be found within 15 days after publishing of a request for such on the Guild Forums and communication server.  

III.  Any citizen or member of a terminated guild must join another official game of Pegasus Commander to maintain their status, all awards and time in guild follow such members.

7-GCR-09.  Games approved by the Quorum as official guilds of Pegasus Command:

Battlestar Galactica Online, Colonial, both EU and US Servers, PC (Game shut down, 1 FEB 19)
Star Trek Online, Federation and Klingon Fleets, PC
Star Wars the Old Republic, Sith and Republic, Star Forge Server, PC (Dropped, 2 NOV 20)(Relisted 15 JUL 22)(Dropped 30 SEP 22)
Dreadnought, PC (Dropped, 13 APR 19)
Neverwinter, PC (Dropped, 31 JUL 20)
League of Legends, North American Server (Dropped 19 AUG 21)
Star Conflict, PC (Dropped, 20 JUN 22)
World of Warships (Dropped, 31 JUL 20)
PlanetSide 2, Emerald Server (Dropped, 30 NOV 19)
The Elder Scrolls Online, PC NA
Peg Com Server Guild (Dropped, 4 FEB 21)
FFXIV Online, NA-Adamantosie
GuildWars2, NA Isle (Dropped, 29 SEP 23)
Conan Exiles and Siptah

7-GCR-10.  Reserved for future use

7-GCR-11. Reserved for future use


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