Supreme Commander General Orders

This is an index to all active SC General Orders that establish rules or procedures for the guild.  General order format is name of the issuing SC, number of the order for that year, then the year issued. SC GOs stay in effect until revoked by a SC or expire based on that order or per rule.  


Game OP planning: Midnight-GO-06-20

Former Peg Com Ranks and Office titles retired, but allow display: Aer-GO-03-16

Requires members to follow each game's Guild rules on holdings/stores access: Aer-GO-4-18

Establishment of Guild Chief of Staff: Jo4play-GO-02-19

Creation of Game Ops: Midnight-GO-05-20

GO Admendment Process: Midnight-GO-2-20 

Combat Competency inb English Rule: Thunder-GO-3-20 

Recruiting Process: Saucy-GO-8-20  

Non-Offical in game Groups: Saucy-GO-7-21

Suspensions: Saucy-GO-6-21

Op Time Protection Revisions: Saucy-GO-02-21 




No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em