General Membership Rules

 General Membership Rules


Membership: In order to be a member of Peg Com you must both be in our guild discord and on the guild site.  To Join our discord click the Guild Discord Link button on the site, to join the site click Join Pegasus Command on the site. After this contact on discord the Game Commander for the game or games you wish to join for a guild invite ingame.  You will not be given a guild ingame invite until you are both on discord and this site.


1-GM-01.  These rules all apply equality to both members and citizens. However, in cases where there is a conflict between citizen rules and these, for Pegasus Command Citizens the citizenship rules are controlling. 


1-GM-02.   All members must be at least the age of 18. They also must join both our official communication server and website. Until a recruit has accepted an in-game guild invite into an official game guild, is on our official communication server, and our official guild website they are not members of Pegasus Command.


1-GM-03.   All members need to be combat competent in the English language, so as not to hinder operations and allow full use and membership in the community.


1-GM-04.   Cheating in games is prohibited.


1-GM-05.   Should a member wish to leave Pegasus Command they must provide notice they are doing so before they leave.  No reason is required but would be appreciated. Should a member leave without notice, they will be considered to have left under dishonorable conditions and will not be allowed re-admission and be forever barred from Pegasus Command membership. This bar may only be removed by a majority vote of the Quorum.


1-GM-06.   Members do not have to use voice for many guild events but must be able to hear or otherwise understand verbal commands. 


1-GM-07.  All members have a right to invite into any guild run by Pegasus Command.  While membership in only one official game guild is required to remain a Pegasus Command member.


1-GM-08.   All members will follow and respect the chain of command for the guild and guild game in which there are playing.


1-GM-09.   When a member leaves an official game guild, but not Pegasus Command, they will notify the Game Commander from the game guild they are leaving.


1-GM-10. All members should recognize as a member they are also a representative of the guild in any game they play. As such, any behavior or action that is uncivil and/or disruptive to other members or in said game, may be met with sanction up to removal from the guild. A screen shot, audio recording, or other appropriate evidence shall be required for enforcement of this rule.


1-GM-11.  When a member joins another guild, in a game in which we have an official guild while remaining a member of Pegasus Command the following applies, unless 1-GM-12 would control:

A. This may not hamper any guild operations.

B. This may not conflict with the members obligations to Pegasus Command.

C. The member must notify the Game Commander, for that official game guild, of the name of the guild, and the name of their toon.

D. The Supreme Commander or Game Commander for an affected guild game, may request removal of the member from Pegasus Command when they believe this rule is violated.


1-GM-12.  Members may belong to other game guilds in which Pegasus Command has no official guild. They may also join other guilds in a game that allows a single toon to join multiple guilds. While other guild memberships are allowed in such circumstances recruiting of Pegasus Command Members to other guilds is strictly forbidden. This includes to other guilds in games, in which we do not have any official game guild. While we do not want to limit member opportunity in any game, we must balance that with other members and that of not becoming a recruiting station for other guilds and/or groups.

A.  When a new official game is approved, an exception will be made for members that are already in a prior guild in that game, and do not wish to switch their toon to Pegasus Command. Even in such games where toon membership is limited to one guild.


1-GM-13.  No member of the guild shall use any rule, regulation, or process of the guild for harassment, intimidation, or coercion of another member. No member shall use any rule, regulation, or process with an intent to abuse such rule, regulation, or process. The Pegasus Command Court shall have jurisdiction on all such claims and may issue penalty up to removal of the guild for violations.




                                                                      Guild Giveaway Rules

1-GG-1. Any member may sponsor a giveaway to members, subject to these rules.


1-GG-2. All giveaways must have approval of either a Game Commander, the Supreme Commander or President.  


1-GG-3. All giveaway sponsors insure that the items to be given away are available at the time the giveaway is announced.


1-GG-4. All giveaways must be either to the benefit of Peg Com as a whole, one of its game guilds, or recognized groups.  


1-GG-5. All giveaways must be open and transparent, have clear rules on how to win the giveaway, must be open to all members, all members of a game guild, or all members of a recognized group in Peg Com. 


1-GG-6.  A recognized group in Peg Com is any team, unit, game guild, the over all guild, or other organization which is formed under Peg Com Rules, by order of the President, Supreme Commander, or any Game Commander.


1-GG-7.  No giveaway can require, in order to win or take part, that a member divulge any personal information.


1-GG-8.  Violations of giveaways rules should be submitted to the Officer who approved the giveaway.  Further appeal must go to the Supreme Commander first if the giveaway was approved by a Game Commander.  Appeal of a decision of the Supreme Commander or President must proceed to the Peg Com Court.  Sanctions may be imposed up to a recommendation of removal from the guild for violation of this order.



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