Peg Com Citizen Rules

  Pegasus Command Citizenship Rules

2-CR-01.  Peg Com will have members and citizens.  Members may use any public work of the guild, such as the site and discord.  Also, they will be subject to all member rules and regulations.  However, they will have no guild removal protections, nor will they have any judicial remedy for being removed from the guild.  They can be removed at any time for any reason allowed under the rules. Members may not vote in guild elections, nor hold any elected office.  Citizens have all the rights and duties of a member unless stated otherwise in the rule. While a member’s rights are only those expressly given to members.

 2-CR-02.  Any member can become a Peg Com Citizen, after three months with the guild, after the member's request for a recommendation of the Head of State, President, Supreme Commander, or any Game Commander. A member requesting recommendation for citizenship must be responded to within 3 days by the officer of which such request is made. A denial of the recommendation must be in writing and state reasons for such. Any denial is appealable to the Quorum by the requestor. Once such request and recommendation are made to the Quorum, it will take up the request by its next regular meeting.  If granted all protections from being removed, judicial recourse for any removal, and the right to vote and hold any office are granted. Citizenship cannot be removed without process, as allowed by rule.  A member may request citizenship as many times as they wish, until granted.

A. Game Commander Suggested Guidelines when making Citizenship Recommendations:

  1. Member must have attended a minimum of 3 Ops in 90 days

  2. Must attend 3 regularly scheduled guild Ops/CCs inside their game, plus an additional 3 events:

      a. Special event in recognition of their game guild's anniversary, holiday event, or Pegasus Command anniversary events. 

      b. Other special events in any other guild in Pegasus Command or their guild that is not an anniversary or holiday.

      c. Any regular or special Presidential event. 

      d. 3 additional guild Ops. Member may choose to use this option alone or pick one Op and combine it with 2 of the other options. 

2-CR-03The website list of Peg Com Citizens will be maintained by the Office of the President and published on the site for record and review. The President will announce the Citizens and provide them with the Citizenship List link and inform them that it is their responsibility to ensure they are on the list. This information will be provided in the guild communication server. The President's Citizenship List, as listed on the website will be considered the definitive list of all Citizens. 

2-CR-04.  Peg Com Citizen Ethics: Once a member becomes a Peg Com Citizen they understand as such they become an example to other members. Peg Com Citizens should help members understand basic issues with the site and rules and help foster a Peg Com Culture in the game guild they are in with Pegasus Command. We are here to help make game play more fun, provide effective in game organization, and be an all-inclusive guild. A Peg Com Citizens motto is that of Pegasus Command, all are welcome, and we are nothing without our members.

 A.  Duties: Have basic familiarity with our FAQs, and site functions. Be open to help other members in the game you play. Support your game guild by attending your game’s Official Op at least once per month. Stay in communication with Pegasus Command.

 B.  Privileges Obtained: You have the right to vote in all guild elections and to hold office if you wish. You will be promoted in the games you play with Pegasus Command, if they have guild holdings you will have more access to them than as a member, if you meet basic in game contributions. You will be able to request leave as allowed under this rule. You can only be removed from Pegasus Command with cause.

1.  Leave: All Peg Com Citizens have 6 months leave each 18 months as a right under our constitution.

2.  Leave excuses lack of guild participation during the time allowed and prevents a citizen from being purged due to inactivity.

3.  Leave, if available, to the citizen can be requested at any reasonable time.

4.  It may be for any full day length; a partial day will not be allowed.

5.  Leave must be from Pegasus Command as a whole, leave from a guild game is not allowed.

6.  Leave when requested correctly is automatically granted by right, so long as the citizen has the time available for the amount requested.

7.  Leave as a matter of right does not need an explanation as to why it is being requested.

8.  To request leave the citizen must notify their Game Commander for any and all games which they will be absent from and are a guild member of that official game.  This must be done, when reasonable, within 5 days of the citizen becoming aware leave will be needed.

9.  Leave will be canceled when the citizen returns to activity, which is attending an Office of the President Event, or playing any official guild game regardless of their membership in that game’s guild. No special notice will be required to cancel a citizens leave, and it is their responsibility to ensure it is maintained.

10. Game Commanders will maintain a list of the guild citizens that are on leave in their official game.

11.  It will be the Office of the Supreme Commander’s responsibility to maintain a guild leave list and ensure it is being granted properly.

12. The office of the Supreme Commander, after consultation with the game's Game Commander, may when a member is unable to take part in ops or events in Pegasus Command freeze a citizens leave so it does not count to their total under the following circumstances:

     a.Due to being a member of any military and any significant other if a member also and/or civil service duty for their home          country, or

     b. Engaging in a course of study or training where access to the internet is unavailable, and all the following are met:

        1. The member has stated a desire to return and does not wish to be removed, and

        2. The member is unable to retire from Pegasus Command, and

        3. They have a demonstrated record of involvement with the guild.

     c.  When granted this will be listed by the members name on the on-leave list for Pegasus Command

 C.  Citizenship Removal and Effects: A Peg Com Citizen may only be removed for cause from Pegasus Command. Cause for removal are as follows:

 D.  Failure to attend one official Op each 60 days, without being on leave or otherwise excused as allowed by our rules.

 E.  Failure to contact Pegasus Command after notice under this rule within 10 days.

 F.   If a Peg Com Citizen is removed with cause, any medals or other honors earned with the guild are removed.  Also, unless they leave the guild without notice all such removals are without ban from return.

 2-CR-05.   It shall be the responsibility of the Office of the President to compile and publish a list of members each month who are newly eligible for citizenship, no less than 4 days prior to each regular Quorum meeting.  This is to allow Quorum members to contact any such member should they wish to do so, before voting on their citizenship approval.




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