New Section Title

1-QO-1.  There is created an office of guild statistics.


1-QO-2.  The purpose of the office is to maintain the activity numbers of members and recruiting progress.


1-QO-3.  Each month, this office will create an offical report of guild activity, recruiting, and attrition. The report shall be available for use by all office holders in Pegasus Command. The office will be responsible for creating the report and developing methods for tracking to ensure a fair and impartial snapshot each month of how the guild is doing.


1-QO-4.  All officers are charged with cooperation with the office to ensure that it has the data needed to perform its function. At a minumum, the report shall contain guild Op participation each month by official guild game, Office of the President official event participation, recruiting progress based on official game plan goals, and the number of members lost in each official guild game.  This report should also have a historical view and compare month over month, ect as seems to fit the needs of the use of the data.


1-QO-5. The office will report to the Head of State and be appointed by said office with confirmation by the Quorum. It has no term limit, but must be held by a Pegasus Command Citizen. The term of office is six months.

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