SC Rules

6-SC-26. The Supreme Commander is charged with the responsibility to lead the guild and the guilds under their command to a state of self-sustainability. While the Supreme Commander will do this through their Game Commanders, whose primary responsibility will be to build and foster their guild in a way that is compliant with these basic requirements and other goals of the Supreme Commander. It is deemed by the Quorum that the following minimum factors must be in place in any Pegasus Command Guild for it to be seen as meeting this standard:

a. The guild has core Pegasus Command values ingrained in its structure and its members. We are here to help one another in games, have fun, use the game as a vehicle for social interaction, and be novel with in and out of game activities. Have a community atmosphere among its members and encourages horizontal interactions as well as respect for our institutions and chain of command.

b. The guild has developed an in game chain of command, that is responsive to the needs of the members and Pegasus Command. The guild will have some type of chain of command that provides an in game officer career path. The officers of the game guild will understand that their position is one of service to their game community and to Pegasus Command as a whole.

c. The game guild will by its structure have a member career path from beginning of the game, through end game. Structures, events, and other activities will be structured to aid members in moving from phase to phase in a game. The game guild will have a leave no one behind attitude to gaming and will have events for all members no matter the type of player, or experience in a game.

d. The game guild, if designated an expansion guild by the Quorum, will have a positive growth rate of members each quarter. It will do so anytime the membership of the guild is deemed by the Supreme Commander to be below sustainability for its structures and leadership bench. Once a game guild obtains sustainability it will add members in a rate to ensure its continued sustainability into the future.

e. The game guild, if designated a replacement guild by the Quorum, will maintain a neutral growth rate of members each quarter.

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