Peg Com Rules

15-ER-04.  In the event that a Supreme Commander is unable to finish their term due to death, resignation, or removal the following shall apply:

                 A.  The President shall post for nominations of candidates from Peg Com Citizens to finish the term within 24 hours of the event causing the vacancy, such nominations shall not be open longer than 5 days.

                 B.  Once nominations close the President shall arrange for a, fast as possible transition, not to exceed three days.

                 C.  After the period listed in (B) the Quorum will select, from the nominations that are accepted, the new Supreme Commander.

                 D.  The selected candidate will assume the Office of the Supreme Commander for the remainder of the term, such term will not bar the holding officer from running for a full term as Supreme Commander, unless the term is for longer than four months.

                 E.  During any period in which the guild does not have a Supreme Commander due to a reason listed in 15-ER-4, the longest serving Game Commander that accepts the responsibility shall be acting Supreme Commander, until one is selected by the Quorum.        


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