Peg Com Rules

7-GCR-10.  All new official guild games will be subject to the following:  Such guild games will be considered provisional official games during the first 6 months of operation. The game guild will be reviewed by the Quroum at 90 days and 6 months to determine continued official status. They may be commanded during provisional status as Military Governorships under the Supreme Commander. This status allows the Supreme Commander to retain direct command of such game for a period of up to 6 months, after which the game must be placed into regular order. If the game guild does not reach sustainability as with any other guild game within 6 months of official status, it may be delisted as official. During such provisional status all other Pegasus Command rules apply and such members of the guild will be Pegasus Command members. While time needed for citizenship may be accrued during provisional status such members my not apply to become Peg Com Citizens until the guild game is out of provisional status.

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