Commendation Medal

Awarded For
The Presidential Commendation Medal
Award Winners
Radian A on Jan. 16th
Saucy001 on Jan. 16th

Pegasus Medal of Valor

Award Winners
Radian A on Jan. 16th

Civil Commendation Medal

Distinguished Service

Above and Beyond

Combat Effectiveness

Ace Pilot

Founding Member

Command Staff Service

Pegasus Campaign Medal

Member over 6 Months

Colonial Order of Merit

Pegasus Exceptional

Pegasus PvP Master

PvP Expert

PvP Professional

PvP Newcomer

KDR Master

KDR Professional

KDR Newcommer

Item Master

Item Professional

Item Newcomer

Pilot Master

Pilot Professional

Pilot Newcomer

NPC Expert

NPC Professional

NPC Newcomer

Resource Expert

Resource Professional

Resource Newcomer

Expert Healer

Professional Healer

Newcomer Healer

STO Guild Member

SWTOR Guild Member

NW Guild Member

LoL Guild Member

Star Conflict Guild

WoWs Guild Member

PS2 Guild Member

ESO Guild Member

FFXIV Guild Member

GW2 Guild Member

Conan Guild Member

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em